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Take charge of your career

Are you ready to look for a new job?

Have you been sending your your resume but are getting few, if any, replies?

Are you overwhelmed by the job search process?

Does interviewing make you so nervous that you don't portray yourself in the best light?

I can help you be successful in your job earch - we can cover a lot of ground in a couple of session:

  • Review and fine-tune your resume - your most important marketing tool
  • Explore which job search techniques make the most sense for your situation
  • Hone networking skills so you can tap into the hidden job market
  • Practice interviewing so you can communicate your experience powerfully

For people who are not quite sure what they want next and/or what the ideal working environment is, I also offer assessment instruments (the Strong Interest Inventory, the Myers-Briggs Interest Inventory, SkillScan, values card sorts) if you want to develop a long-term strategy to find fields that you are best suited for. Assessment tests are based on decades of research and they can generate new possibilities and ways of looking at your strengths. The whole process becomes more deliberate as you gather information about yourself, potential fields and interesting companies.

Please contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation.

707.338.9221 cell phone

 Career counseling, Myers-Briggs testing and workshops in Petaluma.

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